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How where the planets align when Jesus Christ was born?

i am asking this question because there is a book that says that the star of behthlehem was in fact the alingment of the planets. the planets where just a little bit to the side but one behin the other. It also says that if that is the star of bethlehem Jusus Christ is 4 years older than what we think. and also that he was bor on sept 11 04 BC

NOTE: this book was written before the 9/11 attacks

How where the planets align when Jesus Christ was born?
Well I always try to answer biblical questions with science info and vice versa. The star that the wise men followed (the bible doesnt say three, but mentions three gifts) was in the sky for 2 years after His birth. Herod gave orders to kill all newborn children 2 years of age and younger. The Bible also describes that they followed the star until it "stopped" over bethlehem. Okay now the science... it could not have been a start as we know it because of its ability to move and seem to stand still "over the spot where the baby Jesus layed". But the translations say a star so it was a star of somekind. Following planetary alignment, the alignment would not have stayed for 2 years, it would have changed and looked different. Now for my belief - Whether it was a star, or planetary alignment, it was there by God's design, miracle or not, it signified the glorious Birth.
Reply:The planetary alingment thing is an interesting theory. I've also heard it supposed that the star of Bethlehem was a supernova.

The problem here is that not only is there no historical evidence to suggest when Jesus was born, but there is none to speak of that shows he was ever born at all. My personal belief is that he did in fact exist, but that just a belief based on how influential he was. It is at least possible that he is just a myth.

I'm not trying to be offensive or invalidate anyone's faith, I'm just pointing out a historical fact in order to show how hard it is to put any hard and fast dates to his birth, life or death.

Check the source for more information.

- Cai
Reply:Dude it doesn't matter if the planets were aligned or not. It does not take away the Fact that he was God in Human form. Also to the first guy who answered your question I think that there were already many people who were studying the stars during the time of the Roman Empire. Many tools and Instruments of those sorts could have been lost after Rome Died away and was taken over by other countries.
Reply:Many planetariums have Star of Bethlehem programs during the holidays. Go see one next December if you are interested. The source below is really written for planetarium professionals, but you may find it interesting anyway. Basically, the idea is that the wise men from the east could have been Chaldeans who noticed a triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that occurred at that time.
Reply:I know this is not an answer, but WHAT do the 9/11 attacks have to do with Jesus Christ's birth date?

As far as the answer goes, how on earth would the people two thousand years ago know how the planets were aligned?

Their understanding of astrology and ability to measure and record it was rather limited.

It also seems likely that it could have been mythical alltogether.

From Wikipedia:

"Legend had it that the births of Mithradates and Alexander Severus were both associated with the appearance of special stars."
Reply:Not a single atom of proof has been found that Jesus even existed - Except maybe by the historian Josephus - But he also interviewed and quoted Hercules and other mythical 'heros' too - so his credibility is tarnished. The town he was supposedly born in didn't even exist until around 300 AD.

No civilization on earth recorded any Christmas star either, nor do any modern computations show any such alignment that could account for it. No possible alignment of planets could produce an appearance like the star as described. Such alignments of the brightest planets last a few days at best.

Just another myth borrowed from other earlier religions.

Myths of several religions almost identical to the Jesus myth existed over 1000 years before he was even heard of.


  1. No other civilization on earth need to have recorded a Christmas star for it to be plausible.. if a total solar eclipse is observed is it seen around the world? Modern computations may not be taking into account other celestial bodies such as other actual stars or asteroids..not just planets..

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