Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Star of bethlehem wildflower??

i have found clumps of what i think is called 'star of bethlehem' in my back yard. they look like grass but have a some what waxy feel and a yellow stripe. is it easy to transplant and if so, does it prefer sun or shade? thanks alot for any help.

ps....that may not be the real name of the plant, but thats what keeps popping into my head

Star of bethlehem wildflower??
yes it is easy to dig up (ornithogalum ) better known as star of Bethlehem or star of Africa --- the flowers can be used as cut flowers which last a good while --- but the bulb --- and indeed love to sun bake --- literally ! these spring flowering bulbs can be raised any time after flowering provided you are in a warm area ( which i can only assume you are as they love the heat ) good luck .
Reply:the leaves look like blades of grass and they bloom in white they have 5 points like a star yes it is star of bethlehem they can be easy transplanted here in tennessee we would go get them out in the wild and sell them they really like the morning sun

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